08 -  James Captain Codding
born:  Dighton, Massachusetts   date:  1680
died:  New York, New York   date:  1752

Father: George Codding, Jr.
Mother: unknown
known family
married: Deborah Thayer
child: James Codding - (date thru George D. Murphey) born: Taunton, Massachusetts date: 1708
child: George Codding born: Taunton, Massachusetts date: 12/1709
child: Elizabeth Codding born: unknown date: 1712

Provided by Mark Louis Codding:
James was the owner of a sloop that sailed between Newport, Boston, and New York City harbour. He most likely carried iron ore for the Iron Works that belonged to his father-in-law, Nathaniel Thayer.  (See the "Historic Digest of the Provintial Press 1689-1783" Vol. 1)

James (Captain) Codding possibly knew and had some contact with William Coddington, the govenor of Rhode Island, because he witnessed a deed for James in Newport.  This may be where the rumor started of the "Coddington - Codding Connection".

That he had two sons is proven by Vol.44, page 529, Registry of Deeds, Bristol Co., Taunton, MA.  It was there that Deborah Codding, widow of Captain James Codding of Taunton, deceased gives to my dutiful son, George Codding of Taunton, land of Jonathan Thayer, March 3,1753.  And Vol. 47, page 373-4 Registry of Deeds, Bristol Co., Taunton, MA that George Codding for 28 pounds paid by my son George Codding Jr. blacksmith, sell land near my dwelling house in Taunton beginning near the NE corner of my brother James Codding's homeplace, February 18, 1756.

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