00 -  James William Codding, III
born:  Troy, New York   date:  09/27/1947
died:      date:   

Father: James William Codding, Jr.
Mother: Evelyn Margaret Codding
1st married: Shirley Evelyn Long married: 10/11/1968 and divorced: 04/12/1976
child: Rhonda Lee Codding - adopted 08/22/69 born: Idaho Falls, Idaho date: 08/19/1966
2nd married: Cheryl Ann Stone chapple: Idaho Falls, Idaho date: 08/04/1977
child: Chere Doris Codding - adopted 08/06/1987 born: Idaho Falls, Idaho date: 08/24/1966
child: Jere Doris Codding - adopted 08/06/1987 born: Idaho Falls, Idaho date: 08/24/1966
fathered no sons - therefore, end of the line
Jim and Cheryl

the twins

the twins


Cheryl Ann Stone
born:  Ririe, Idaho   date:  05/30/1944
died:  Idaho Falls, Idaho   date:  04/11/2007
Father: Frank Quincy Stone
Mother: Darris Loraine Alred Stone                                                          

Note: per Idaho code, an adopted person's last name is changed to the adopting individual's last name even on the birth certificate of record.
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