My daughters are identical twins.   They may seem "identical" most of the time but can be downright different at any given time.  I actually believed at first that the same approach was okay for either.  That fantasy didn't last long as each requires a different tactic regardless of the topic.
     After their Mother passed away, I believed that I should take it upon myself to be the strong one in order to help my daughters through the grief we all felt but I eventually realized that Jere' and Chere' were as much help for me as I was for them.   As it turns out, this same fact seems true today.
     Jere' (left) and Chere' (right) may have different thoughts on how to solve the very same problem but their end results most often are surprisingly similar and both are correct of course.  Even though they do indeed have different personalities, both would be what anyone would want for a best friend.  Many people like to "talk the talk" but seldom "walk it".  Jere' and Chere' walk the talk.  They say what they do and do what they say.  Their honesty is above reproach and each is extremely dependable.  These two not only create success in their own lives but set such a great example for others that they instill a desire to achieve success in all those who know them.
     I am truly proud to be the Father of such wonderful ladies yet I'm humbled and honored by their acceptance of me as their Father.  They not only seem to think of me often but both have worked around their busy schedules to make time for me when appropriate.  Each has a heart of gold as shown by their understanding and supportive nature.
     My two wonderful daughters have enhanced my life beyond belief.  As long as I have the wherewithal to do so, I will always try to be there for them.

My Dear Daughter,

The date celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ is taken from the approximate date of an earlier Pagan celebration and it now seems this celebrated date is, at least in America, transitioning again to a Pagan celebration: that of commercialism and greed.  Enough of that but this musing brings to mind the births that actually have influenced me most.

My Mom and Dad's births and lives are certainly important to me for many reasons of course.  Not only would I not have been born but their tutelage delivered over the years with their love and caring, hours of discussions, hard work and some luck molded me.

Your Mother's birth and life is and always will be extremely important for more reasons than can be counted.  You and your sister's births and subsequent lives are now my most significant events with new joys experienced over and over.

After marrying your Mother and for the first time in my life, the discovery that I and another with the desire to work together based on individual but blended fundamental beliefs could actually facilitate raising daughters was amazing.  I know your Mother believes as I do: with our love and caring, hours of discussions, hard work and some luck we succeeded in raising two well balanced, honest, dependable, caring and lovely ladies.  Without your Mother, it would never have happened of course but I like to fancy that I actually had a little to do with this outcome.

I now have proof that what's good for the goslings is good for the gander because your love and caring, hours of discussions, hard work and some luck touched another family member as demonstrated recently!  I thank the two of you for taking the time to question my somewhat confusing actions and therefore my health, etcetera.

Love is amazing and I certainly love you my daughter.  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Love, Dad
    Christmas 2018 note to both                                       Family