Cheryl's Gone
My wife passed on April 11, 2007,
with the only poem I've ever attempted below and put to paper on
January 16, 2013, after a mere couple of days thinking it over.

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I keep on trucking with no direction.
Standing here leaning against my place
the winter sun in my face.
I wonder why I'm still here, alive,
even sometimes I think I'm fine.

I lost the love that was my life.
We were alone together when she left.
Does it help that I was at her side
at the moment she died?
A little, maybe a lot.

My life was good, never any real problems
then my wife, my best friend, was no more.
Nothing but memories so it seems.
Although nothing is new now,
I just keep hoping somehow.

I've filled my emptiness with things
but never really filled it with anything.
Today is nearly perfect but
it's actually just another day then
maybe another day will follow.

No future...just now but
I believe there may be a connection.

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